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Commerce Commission Credit Sails Closure Report

March 7, 2013

The Commerce Commission announced on 7 March, 2013 their official closure report on Credit Sails.  It is very interesting reading and we recommend all Credit Sails investors view this material.  Forsyth Barr and Credit Agricole have provided responses to the statement, which are also worth reading.  On top of this, we have provided a list of media resources covering this.


Commerce Commission Credit Sails Closure Report 
Forsyth Barr Response to Commerce Commission Closure Report
Credit Agricole Response to Commerce Commission Closure Report



8 March 2013 – Business Day  – Brokerage Sails pitch condemned, by Tim Hunter and James Weir

7 March 2013 – – Credit Sails’ oldies save Forsyth Barr, Credit Agricole from courtroom

7 March 2013 – MSN – Regulator Justifies Credit Sails Deal

7 March 2013 – MSN – Forsyth Barr criticises regulators’ report

7 March 2013 – National Business Review – Only expert investors should have put money in Credit SaILS – ComCom, by Blair Cunningham

7 March 2013 – National Business Review – Credit SaILS report creates ‘imbalanced impression’ – Forsyth Barr, by Paul McBeth

7 March 2013 – RadioNZ – Commission happy with debt securities settlement

7 March 2013 –  NZ Herald – Credit Sails report holds ‘factual errors’ – Forsyth Barr

7 March 2013 – – Forsyth Barr executives exposed in emails published by Credit Sails, by Bernard Hickey

7 March 2013 – – Com Com slams Forbar over Credit Sails, by Niko Kloeten

7 March 2013 –  3 News NZ – Forsyth Barr ‘misleading’, ‘deceptive’ – ComCom, by Emma Jolliff

7 March 2013 –  Business Day –  Credit Sails emails exposed, by Tim Hunter

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